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100% natural

Cellulose is a natural fiber present in all plants on Earth. It constitutes 35 to 50% of the terrestrial plant biomass. The amount synthesized by plants is estimated at 50-100 billion tons per year. It is therefore an extremely abundant and rapidly renewable resource, which makes this material very ecological.


Made in France

Nos contenants sont fabriqués dans notre usine basée à Wattrelos dans les Hauts de France, afin de vous livrer rapidement en France et en Europe. La cellulose que nous utilisons provient de la filière bois exclusivement européenne, en priorité française.



Molded cellulose packaging is a perfect alternative to plastic packaging . Indeed, they are infinitely recyclable in the paper/cardboard sector.



Cellulose being a natural vegetable fiber, it is biodegradable and domestically compostable.

A solution that adapts to your needs

Daurema can support you in the development and design of your specific packaging.

La cellulose trouve ses applications dans tous les domaines de l’industrie : alimentaire, électroménager, cosmétique, luxe etc.

It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.


An own range dedicated to packaging for fruit and vegetables

We have developed a range of punnets perfectly adapted to the packaging of mushrooms and red fruits with capacities ranging from 125 g to 500 g.

Our solution is PFAS free (without fluor) to obtain water barrier properties. Our packaging therefore complies with the AGEC law, which makes it optimal for fruit and vegetables.

Our packaging is healthy and safe : cellulose is inert for food and does not release harmful chemical substances into the environment. It does not disturb the taste or smell of products and can be used to package raw or cooked foods without risk of contamination.

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