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Molded cellulose, to meet all needs

Molded Cellulose to meet your specific needs

Custom cellulose molded packaging is an ideal solution to protect and present your products in a professional and unique way. Whether you are a company looking for differentiation or an environmentally conscious brand, cellulose fiber packaging allows you to create packaging that perfectly reflects your brand image and your values

Thanks to our expertise and our know-how, we can support you in the creation of your ecological packaging, taking into account your needs and your constraints. Our technology adapts to all sectors of industry, ensuring an ecological and innovative alternative to plastic for equivalent solidity.

We help you with a team of passionate and dedicated professionals, who will accompany you throughout your project to guarantee you a quality and tailor-made result. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to discuss your custom packaging projects.


Our punnets range

We also offer a range of standard trays suitable for packaging fruit and vegetables.

Length137 mm137 mm181 mm135 mm
Width118 mm96 mm115 mm115 mm
Height43 mm60 mm65 mm75 mm
Length137 mm137 mm
Width118 mm96 mm
Height43 mm60 mm
Length181 mm135 mm
Width115 mm115 mm
Height65 mm75 mm

Cellulose – Process and properties

1. Sourcing

We collect our cellulose fibers from European suppliers, but if possible French supplier.

2 – Preparation of the pulp

The cellulose plates are placed in a pulper which will allow, thanks to the addition of water, to defibrate the plates and to prepare our cellulose pulp according to an internal recipe.

3. Molding

This is an essential step in the manufacture of molded fiber packaging. A forming area, made up of several cavities corresponding to the packaging to be manufactured, is immersed in the bath of cellulose pulp. Water is sucked through little hoses and the cellulose fibers stick to the walls of the cavities.

4. Spin and Dry

The cellulose is then wrung out and dried to form the final packaging.

5. Cutting option and personalization

The finish of the packaging can be optimized through an edge cutting system. We can also consider customizing the packaging through different marking or labeling possibilities.

6. Transport and logistics

Our factory located in the North of France in Wattrelos benefits from an ideal location to quickly deliver our packaging throughout Europe.

Cellulose fiber containers have several advantages:

1. Ecological : they are made from renewable raw materials, such as wood, and are completely biodegradable and compostable. Thus, they do not contribute to plastic pollution and can be recycled after use.

2. Durable : Solid and resistant, our containers are suitable for packing heavy or fragile products. They can also be used repeatedly before ending up in the wild.

3. Healthy : They do not release harmful substances into the environment and do not contain chemicals that are harmful to human health.

4. Practical : our packaging is light and compact, which makes it easier to transport and store. They are also easy to use and handle.

5. Aesthetics : they can be customized according to consumer needs and preferences, which makes them particularly suitable for packaging, which is soft to the touch.

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